The river is everywhere at once

net art

"But what happens when space is saturated or runs out, as may happen with our space, even our airspace? Necessarily, Serres argues, this must mean that we will have to take our leave, not of this or that location, but of space, in the sense of locatedness, itself. The network, the gridding or checkerboarding of finite space, with its determinate and mutually exclusive positions, gives way to a topological ocean of changeable relations. ‘[Soft] connectivity replaces [hard] collectivity’.
Michel Serres: The Hard and the Soft by Steven Connor

T he river is everywhere at once, is a net-art work that generates animated topographical compositions and sounds derived from the text in tweets that include the keyword landscape.

The Twitter, tweet refers to a point in time that takes on new form and meaning when viewed in different contexts. When seen in this way, a tweet contributes to an expanded sense of place as one that is a composite of space and time, network and process; or in Michel Serres’s terms a topology.

"The river is everywhere at once" "The river is everywhere at once-"

The emergence of new topologies and their connotations in a tweet’s re-translation in new contexts is revealed in the asynchronous, overlapping and cyclical flow of our connections in different networks. The net-art work “The river is everywhere at once” references how tweets move us to a point in time that is quickly made composite, ambiguous and unanticipated through the ever-changing nature of our relations in a network.