“The space of experience is . . .a topological hyperspace of transformation,” Brian Massumi

Biogram is a net-art work that generates real-time topological visual and aural models based on the sentiment analysis of tweets that reference ‘experience’.

The art-work contends that rather than being a singular subjective event, the space of experience is entangled with multiple networks of human and nonhuman objects that help us perform what we might express as ‘experience’. To tweet is to perform a prescribed script that in turn orders our actions with and through devices. In Brian Massumi’s words these tweets are Biograms, event-perceptions irretrievably entangled with combinations of senses, times, networks and software; in constant flux. Likewise in the artwork, the generated images, animations and sounds are intimate signatures of this networked and partially ephemeral activity.

To see the work itself please visit this link

Just as the Twitter tweet is a transitory mediated reflection of the user, the artwork is a mirrored topology that reflects and carries the user’s experience out of herself. Only to be filled not by a new subject or object but by an intimately interconnected collective process in constant motion. Within the artwork Biogram, tweets that refer to an experience (if in fact it was ever singular) become animated performances shot through with ‘other’ ontologies that render ‘experience’ as a multifaceted mirror.

The unique topologies created in Biogram are networked events. The tweet becomes the signifying host for the generative possibilities inherent in the relations between image and text, user and device, experience and distributed orientation. The etymology of the word Biogram translates into ‘living-word’, but in amongst the tens of thousands of tweets a week that reference experience the signification of each tweet is short lived. The net artwork Biogram references how these tweets live on as transient sentiment, in ghostly half-lives, within the network, ever inflicted by chance.

Biogram featured in the arts magazine, Make8Believe Issue #13 and these exhbitions:
2017 "Cyfest", 11th Media Art Art Festival, To Touch The Sky, The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia.
2017 "Cyfest", 11th Media Art Art Festival, To Touch The Sky, New York Media Center, New York, USA.
2018 "Modules" Loosen Art Gallery, Rome, Italy.
2018 "Scripting the Other",The Wrong- New Digital Art Biennale, online at
2018 "Undiscriminate",, online at Http://
2018 "Colourful Chaos", by FluxKUNST, The Laundry Artspace Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
2018 “The W:OW Art Film & Video Festival”, NMONA The New Museum, of Networked Art
2018 To Touch The Sky, The Museum Night, National Centre for Contemporary Arts ( NCCA), Kalingrad, Russia